This is no major holster company, with a huge building full of hundreds of wage slaves frantically working at dozens of noisy, godawful expensive machines.

Nope, it's just one guy - me - tinkering away with simple hand tools in various parts of my house.  I do my design and layout at the same computer desk I'm sitting at as I type this.  I do most of my stitching and molding while comfortably ensconced in my recliner.

The downside to this is some predictable backlog when business picks up.

But there's a flip side to that coin.  Since Big O Gunleather is not the Chevy/GMC of holsters, cranking out an endless stream of identical vanilla models, I can construct any design you want without skipping a beat.  The big boys can make you a holster that fits your handgun perfectly.  Hell, it's ALREADY sitting on the shelf just waiting for you to order it.  (I can do that, too......I just haven't made it yet.)  What they CAN'T do is make you a holster that fits YOU and your NEEDS perfectly.  I can do that.

Just shoot me an email at and tell me what you want.